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Medicines Use Review

This is an NHS England Service.

Meet with our pharmacist in the private consultation room to talk about:

What is a Medicines Use Review (MUR)

A medicines use review is an appointment with one of our pharmacists to focus on how you are
getting on with your medicines. It is an NHS service and you don’t need to pay for it.

Our pharmacist will have questions to ask you, and may suggest changes to your medicines.You
may have concerns or questions that you want to ask. You can ask anything at all about your

Remember you can ask our pharmacist questions at any time, but a review will give you and us
both more time to concentrate on you and your medicines.

How you may be offered a review:

Our pharmacist might invite you for a review either in person or in a letter through the post.

You can also ask our pharmacist for a review. You must have been getting your prescriptions
from us for three months or more.

Is a medicines use review for you?

You can ask for a medicines use review if:

Our pharmacist will be happy to arrange a review meeting, and may even suggest it. Your doctor
or nurse might also suggest that a review would be helpful.

Even if you are not in either of these groups, you can ask our pharmacist for advice at any time.

If there is an urgent problem with medicines, don’t wait for a medicines use review. If you or
somebody else, notice one of the things on this list, don’t delay:

In any of these cases, talk to a doctor or pharmacist straight away.

What you can expect in the review meeting

Our pharmacists have undergone special training and have been assessed to make sure they
have the right knowledge and skills to provide this service.

The meeting is confidential

We have private consultation rooms in our pharmacies where you
sit down together with the pharmacist and can’t be overheard by customers or staff.

Your details and your discussion will be kept private:

You can talk openly and your questions or worries will be listened to. Only you and your GP will normally receive a record of the meeting.

Our pharmacist will listen and help:

We will be ready to hear your concerns and your
questions. You can be open with us and say whatever you want in these meetings.

Our pharmacists will only know about medicines that you have received from our pharmacy:

We will not have a record of prescriptions you may have picked up from another pharmacy. We will not have your medical history or details about your illness. So it’s important to tell us as much as you can.

What happens afterwards?

Questions you may want to ask

These are just suggestions. You can ask us any questions you like about your medicines.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information on the Medicines Use
Review service.

This service is available at the following branches:

Abel, Askers Bakers, Blackheath, Brandon, Dunns, Dyas, Edgwick,
Green Lane, Internet, Jockey, Kings Road, Kingsbury, Leegomery, Old Oscott,
Pike, Quinton, Rough Road, Selcroft, Station St, Stonydelph, Twickenham,
Warren Farm, Warrick University, Wolston, Woodland