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Emergency Hormonal Contraception

This is a private service. Please be aware that this service may not be available depending on
the pharmacist on duty.

Emergency hormonal contraception often known as “the morning after pill” and is available from us.

All customers wanting to get the tablet will be required to talk to the pharmacist in our private
consultation room.
This is completely confidential and your pharmacist is a medical professional bound by the laws of confidentiality as your doctor is.

There is no need to ask at the counter for the pill, simply ask to speak to the pharmacist in private.

More Information

A woman can use emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex, or if a method of contraception has failed.

There are two methods of emergency contraception:

Both of these methods are effective at preventing pregnancy if they are used soon after unprotected sex.
However, the IUD is always 99.9% effective, whereas failures after Levonelle are not as rare.

Emergency contraceptive pill

There are two types of emergency contraceptive pill:

Most women can use the emergency contraceptive pill, including women who are breastfeeding and those who
cannot usually use hormonal contraception (such as the combined pill or contraceptive patch).

The emergency contraceptive pill should not be used as a regular method of contraception.

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A great source for futher information on Sexual health, contraception methods and safer sex can be found
at This service is available at the following branches:

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